Christine Dupres, CHt / Ph.D.

“My role as a counselor and hypnotherapist is to support clients and build mindful, authentic rapport through understanding and respect. An effective hypnosis session should be as creative and dynamic as the person it serves. Hypnotherapy enables clients to unite their subconscious beliefs with their conscious desires. When this happens, there is less conflict between the two and the mind can work in harmony to promote happiness and well being.”

Christine is a Consulting Hypnotist, certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the oldest and largest organization of hypnotists in the world.

At Radiant Life Counseling and Hypnotherapy, Christine is motivated to help people build esteem, eliminate self doubt, unearth their passions, live in well being, increase motivation and confidence, release fear and habits, set and achieve goals, develop strategies for success in all areas of their lives, manage stress and feel better. She believes that living a life filled with happiness and well being is your right.

Christine received her Ph.D. in Folklore and Folklife from the University of Pennsylvania in 2007, and the gift of story remains central to her healing practice. Before she opened the doors to Radiant Life Counseling and Hypnotherapy, Christine worked at the National Policy Consensus and NAYA Family Centers (NAYA) in the areas of development and community engagement. She has been a celebrant and teacher since 1991, and a lifelong writer, healer and intuitive. She is drawn to wellness, and able to listen in a powerful, present way that promotes healing.

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Christine Dupres, CHt / Ph.D.

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